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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In 2017, under the INTERREG V-A Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020 programme, the two partner countries implemented the project entitled Supporting Social Enterprises in combating poverty and social exclusion (Social Plate). 

In order to implement this project, the Civil Non-Profit Company under the name Social Food Aid Civil Non-Profit Company was established under the leadership of the Central Market of Thessaloniki S.A. (C.M.TH. S.A.) and the Technopolis International Education Institute. 

The idea of Social Plate was conceived by C.M.TH. S.A. as a solution to the problems of poverty and social exclusion, and to the need to protect the environment. 

The programme aims to provide food for the weaker members of society and long-term unemployed people with work, and to limit food loss. An integral part of the project is to disseminate this solution to all walks of life and actively involve them in changing their attitude and mindset regarding food loss. 

The traders of C.M.TH. S.A. deliver non-marketable products to the Company's Organic Residue Management Office every day, and under the supervision of the Quality Control Officer the products are sorted into those suitable for consumption and those not. Then, supported by volunteers from the institutions benefiting from the programme, they are re-packaged. Regional social institutions (Social Grocery Stores, Non-Governmental Organizations, Church Soup Kitchens, Collectives, etc.) collaborating with the programme receive the recovered products and distribute them, cooked or not, to vulnerable groups of our society. Therefore, refugees, homeless and unemployed people, and those who are in need of food are provided with meals thanks to the voluntary engagement of everyone working with Social Plate. 

The Social Plate team has handled 1444,295tons of fruit and vegetables since the beginning of the project on 23/04/2018 until 31/12/2023 of which 1070,179 tons have been collected and offered to our fellow citizens. Meanwhile, all this food was prevented from being turned into organic waste. The organizations participating in the distribution (Social Grocery Stores, NGOs, Foundations, and Church Soup Kitchens) exceed 70 and aim to increase this number. 

By the end of 2019, when the INTERREG V-A Greece - Bulgaria 2014-2020 programme ended, C.M.TH. S.A. continued running Social Plate and since November 2022 K.A.Th.C.M.TH. S.A. is co-beneficiary of the LIFE-IP CEI Greece project entitled Excess food and food waste prevention demonstration actions, coordinated by the Green Fund of the Ministry of Environment. So at the end 2023 we have the following results. 

In detail, Social Plate has handled every year since 2018 until the end of 2023 the following: 

Pick-up (kg)
Supply (kg)
2023 356.527 274.044
2022 275.701 217.587
2021 152.070 114.781
2020 193.762 140.099
2019 311.900 222.961
2018 154.335 100.707
TOTAL 1.444.295 1.070.179

We would like to thank all those who devote their time, effort and love to help.