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Corporate identity

The Central Market of Thessaloniki (C.M.TH. S.A.) is a Société Anonyme with the sole shareholder being the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) and is supervised by the Ministry of Development & Investment.


Since 1975 the premises of the Central Market of Thessaloniki have been located at the 7th km Thessaloniki-Athens National Road in an area of 247 acres, of which 43 acres are occupied by covered areas. These areas include the Fruit & Vegetable Market with 280 shops distributed in 4 cores consisting of 70 shops of 60 m2 each and the Meat Market comprising 24 shops of 165 m2 each equipped with modern meat transport and storage equipment. 

C.M.TH.’s premises handle 600-800 tons of fruit and vegetables daily, and approximately 600 tons of meat weekly. The number of incoming vehicles amounts to an average of 2,000 (cars, agricultural vehicles, trucks, etc.) per day, whereas the number of people working and visiting the market reaches 5,000.

The premises of the Central Market of Thessaloniki also house transport offices, accounting offices, stationery and packaging stores, a restaurant as well as canteens.